I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer interested in Open-Source, DevOps, CI/CD, developer productivity, doing things "right", and writing things down.

  • 👨‍💻 Software Developer
  • 📍 Goa, India
  • ☕ Loves coffee
  • 🍺 Loves trying different beers
  • 🎧 Listens to music while working
  • 🍩 Loves doughnuts
  • 📷 Does travel photography

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About this site

I'm hoping to share things I learn, showcase my projects and any small tools I build.

Need help with CI/CD?

I have experience setting up CI/CD systems from scratch using various different tools (Gitlab CI, Github Actions, Drone.io, and GCP Cloud Build). I have also given a talk about it.

Get in touch with me on twitter (@rohit_gohri) or drop an email to hi@rohit.page.

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